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The main goal of a Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre is to minimalize loss of life and property and other impacts of tropical cyclone occurrence by providing accurately and timely warning to the threatened community.

A tropical cyclone warning system at least involving four parties :

  1. Meteorological agency, that provide the warnings
  2. Mass media, that broadcast the warnings
  3. Disaster management institution, at national and regional level
  4. Threatened community

There are Tropical Cyclone Warning Centres all over the world to monitor every occurrence of tropical cyclone. Everywhere, this monitoring is continuously performed everyday for 24 hours by using various kind of technology, from satellite, radar, and manned or unmanned observation stations. It purposes are to monitor the development of cyclone, it movement and intensity.

Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre is also responsible to provide tropical cyclone related warning and information and dissiminate them to the threatened area.

Basically there are two kinds of tropical cyclone warning, i.e. Coastal Waters and Land Area Warning and Warning for Open Sea. Each member of Regional Bodies is responsible to produce Warning for their coastal waters and land area. Though Warning for Open Sea is made by the concerned Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre according to their Area of Responsibility.

Table. WMO Regional Bodies, Committee and their Area of Responsibility


Name Area of Responsibility
WMO/Regional Association I (RA I) Tropical Cyclone Committee Southwest Indian Ocean
WMO/Regional Association IV (RA IV) Hurricane Committee North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the eastern North Pacific
WMO/Regional Association V (RA V) Tropical Cyclone Committee South Pacific Ocean and southeast Indian Ocean
WMO/ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea
WMO/ESCAP Typhoon Committee Japan and Southeast Asia



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